Best Of King And Starday Bluegrass – Box Set




Best Of King And Starday Bluegrass – Box Set

Disc 1:

J.E. Mainer

  1. Big Ball’s In Town
  2. Gathering Flowers From The Hillside

Tommy Magness

  1. When I Safely Reach That Other Shore
  2. Little Country Preacher
  3. Wings Of Faith
  4. Jesus Will Save Your Soul

Shannon Grayson

  1. Let Me Travel Alone
  2. Since His Sweet Love Has Rescued Me
  3. I’m Gonna Walk On

Jimmy Martin – Bob Osborne

  1. My Lonely Heart
  2. She’s Just A Cute Thing
  3. Blue Eyed Darling
  4. You’ll Never Be The Same
Wade Mainer

  1. Little Birdie
  2. The Girl I Left In Sunny Tennessee
  3. That Star Belongs To Me

Mac O’Dell

  1. Let’s Pray
  2. Be On Time
  3. When The Hand Of God Comes Down
  4. Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

Leon Jackson

  1. Love Please Come Home
  2. Go Find Another Man
  3. So Goes My Heart
  4. This Heart’s Been Broken Before

Disc 2:

The Stanley Brothers

  1. How Mountain Girls Can Love
  2. Clinch Mountain Backstep
  3. Train 45
  4. Think Of What You’ve Done

The Easter Brothers

  1. There’s Rest Just Ahead
  2. Singing With The Angels
  3. Bible On The Table
  4. John Saw The Kingdom

Reno & Smiley

  1. Down On The Farm
  2. Love Please Come Home
  3. Bringin’ In The Georgia Mail

Bill Duncan

  1. Country Home
  2. Slippin’ Banjo
  3. Just Being You
  4. Daisies Never Tell
Charlie Moore & Bill Napier

  1. Whitrock
  2. I’m Giving You Your Freedom
  3. Goodbye And So Long To You
  4. Barbara Allen

Reno & Harrell

  1. Big Train
  2. Just A Phone Call Will Do
  3. Welcome Home

Ralph Stanley

  1. Going Up Home To Live In Green Pastures
  2. Over The Sunset Hill

Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys

  1. I Only Exist
  2. Coosy

Disc 3:

The Lewis Family

  1. Over In The Gloryland
  2. He Knew Just What To Do

Flatt Mountain Boys

  1. Choo Choo Coming
  2. I Could Love You All The Time

The Wright Brothers

  1. What Can I do
  2. Carolina Mountain Home

Bill & Mary Reid

  1. Down In The Valley
  2. I Want To Be Wanted

Jim Eanes

  1. Blue Sunday
  2. Orchids Of Love

Buzz Busby

  1. Cold And Windy Night
  2. Reno Bound

Bill Harrell

  1. A Heart Never Knows
  2. Eatin’ Out Of Your Hand
Kentucky Travelers

  1. Dreaming
  2. When You’re Out Of My Arms

The Stanley Brothers

  1. Highway Of Regret
  2. A Little At A Time

Charlie Moore

  1. No Grave’s Gonna Keep This Soul Of Mine
  2. Why Is Mother Buried (In A Grave So Deep)

Jim & Jesse

  1. I’m Changing The Words To My Love Song
  2. I’ll Love Nobody But You

Red Ellis – Jimmie Williams

  1. Backslider
  2. I Saw The Angels In Heaven

Connie & Joe

  1. Toil, Tears And Trouble
  2. Home Is Where The Heart Is

Disc 4:

Carl Story

  1. Hiding Place
  2. Cabin In Glory

Bill Clifton

  1. Give Me Your Love
  2. Mid The Green Fields Of Virginia

Vern & Ray

  1. Cabin On A Mountain
  2. Carroll County Breakdown

Lonesome Pine Fiddlers

  1. I’m All Alone
  2. Why Do You Treat Me The Way You Do

Red Allen

  1. Trouble Round My Door
  2. Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Country Gentlemen

  1. Silence Or Tears
  2. Down Where The Still Waters Flow

Hylo Brown

  1. Hills Of Georgia
  2. Sad Prison Song
The Stoneman Family

  1. That Pal Of Mine
  2. Talking Fiddle Blues

Larry Sparks

  1. You Could Have Called

Larry Sparks & The Lonesome Ramblers

  1. Goodbye Little Darlin’

Charlie Moore

  1. Lorena Go Home
  2. Your Letter

II Generation

  1. All The Good Times Are Passed And Gone
  2. Silence Or Tears

New Grass Revival

  1. I Wish I Said (I Love You One More Time)
  2. Lonesome Fiddle Blues


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