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Reno & Smiley 16 Greatest Gospel Hits


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16 Greatest Gospel Hits

The newly re-mastered works of this historic bluegrass duo, among the first inductees into “The Bluegrass Hall of Fame”, features some of their greatest Gospel songs. Don Reno, with his clear high tenor, and Red Smiley with his well known baritone are legendary for their gospel renditions.

Sixteen titles include:

  1. I’m Using My Bible for a Road Map
  2. He Will Set Your Fields On Fire
  3. There’s a Highway to Heaven
  4. How I Miss My Darling Mother
  5. River of Jordan
  6. Tree of Life
  7. My Mother’s Bible
  8. The Last Mile
  1. Someone Will Love Me In Heaven
  2. The New Jerusalem
  3. Echoes From the Burning Bush
  4. The Lord’s Supper
  5. I’m Building a Mansion In Heaven
  6. He’s Coming Back to Earth Again
  7. Jesus Is Waiting
  8. Since I’ve Used My Bible For A Roadmap


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