“GOD DIDN’T CHOOSE SIDES, Volume 1 – Civil War True Stories About Real People” contains original songs about lost loved ones, acts of kindness, selflessness, faith, family values and brotherhood.

There have been hundreds of books, movies and songs created about the battles, presidents, generals & heroes as told in our history books about the Civil War. However, rarely do we hear the stories on a personal level of the unsung heroes who gave their lives or had their lives totally turned upside down during the War Between the States.  More Here

Renfro Valley Barn Dance Kentucky had some great Bluegrass Entertainers in 2013. Ronnie Reno took his RFDTV Bluegrass show on the road and broadcasts from Renfro Valley New Barn Dance Theater. Some of the biggest and best Bluegrass Entertainers in Bluegrass music today took to the stage to perform for the audience and cameras.

Rhonda Vincent on Reno's Old Time Music with Ronnie Reno on RFD-TV.  Rhonda Vincent and the Rage Rhonda is called the Queen of Bluegrass and brings her wonderful talent and band to ROTM 

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The long-awaited LESSONS LEARNED is Reno’s first album in nearly a decade and his debut album on Rural Rhythm Records. Each song tells a story about life, love and relationships that pull from his rich experiences as an artist, songwriter and TV host. Reno’s singer/songwriting talents really shine on this 11-song album containing 9 songs penned by Reno. Produced by RONNIE RENO, LESSONS LEARNED showcases The Reno Tradition, (Mike Scott - banjo; Heath Van Winkle - bass; John Maberry - mandolin; and Steve Day - Fiddle), Ronnie’s current band and the house band on his TV show. LESSONS LEARNED contains “Reno’s Mando Magic,” a powerhouse instrumental done in the Reno tradition and 10 songs featuring Reno’s warm passionate vocals with harmony vocals by Heath Van Winkle and award-winning vocalist Sonya Isaacs. Album highlights include the title track, the up-tempo “Sweet Rosa Lee,” “Lower Than Lonesome,” “I Think Of You,” “Bad News At Home,” “Our Last Goodbye,” the Reno & Smiley classic “Trail Of Sorrow” and the Lefty Frizzell classic “Always Late” with guest vocals by David Frizzell.

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