Reno’s Old Time Music Collection – 80 Bluegrass Gospel Classics




Bluegrass and gospel music are indivisible. While it’s true that bluegrass musicians might not always live the life they sing about, they can nevertheless evoke that old time religion with unmatched fervor. The first generation of bluegrass stars drew heavily on hymns, many of which dated back to the gospel revivals of the late 1800s or early 1900s. Some reached back even further into classic English and American hymnody. But gradually, bluegrass musicians took it upon themselves to create a new, authentically original canon of sacred songs that took full advantage of the harmonies and instrumental structure of bluegrass music. Above all, bluegrassers loved to bring forth memories of the preachin’ and singin’ they’d heard in their childhood. Yearning for the old home was always a part of bluegrass, and gospel music was indissolvably linked with that.

These hymns on this gospel collection simply cannot be surpassed. They’ve survived the test of the ages, and their message still resonates with us as strongly as it did with our ancestors. Every generation has a role to play in handing down these songs, and this collection is part of that ongoing process. Just as we look at old church pews and wonder about those who once sat there, so we listen to these songs and reconnect with our own forebears who sang them too.

The sacred recordings run the gamut from old holiness shouts and black gospel songs to contemporary bluegrass hymns. Many of the hymns are still played and enjoyed on Sundays mornings and Wednesday night prayer meetings…and now they can be enjoyed any time of the week. The oldest of these songs have been handed down from generation to generation. They’ve endured, and they’re rendered here in performances that will endure. This is a vital part of the music that America gave to the world.

On this 80 song Bluegrass Gospel Collection, we hear the traditional side of bluegrass played by some of its finest legends and pioneers in bluegrass such as Reno & Smiley, Reno & Harrell, Mac Wiseman, Hylo Brown, John Lair, Chubby Wise, Earl Taylor, Shenandoah Valley Quartet and more.

“RENO’S OLD TIME MUSIC COLLECTION – 80 BLUEGRASS GOSPEL CLASSICS” contains original recordings of 80 classics through the years performed by many Bluegrass legends and pioneers…It’s some of the best bluegrass gospel classics available and a good place to start for a new Bluegrass fan and has all the important songs for the most seasoned Bluegrass Lover, too.

Disc 1


  1. Using My Bible For A Roadmap
  2. Working On A Building 
  3. Keep On The Sunnyside
  4. I Like To Hear Them Preach It 
  5. A Beautiful Life
  6. Voice Of My Savior
  7. Live By The Side Of The Road
  8. Where You Gonna Hide?
  9. If I Could Here My Mother Pray Again
  10. Get In Line Brother
  11. What Would You Give In Echange?
  12. Are You Washed In The Blood
  13. Jordan           
  14. Let The Church Roll On
  15. When They Ring Those Golden Bells
  16. Church In The Wildwood
  17. Walking In Jerusalm 
  18. Uncloudy Day
  19. What A Friend We Have In Jesus
  20. Lonesome Valley
  21. Rank Strangeres
  22. I Believe The Good Old Bible
  23. Long Ago – Mac Wiseman 
  24. No Hidin’ Place Down Here
  25. You Got To Move
  26. When The Role Is Called Up Yonder
  27. Somebody Touched Me       
Disc 2


  1. Livin’ The Right Life Now
  2. Jacob’s Ladder
  3. Over In The Glory Land
  4. City On The Hill
  5. Leaning On The Everlasting Arms 
  6. When The Angels Carry Me Away
  7. Hold On Fast To The Right
  8. I’m A Man Of Constant Sorrow
  9. The Old Gopsel Ship
  10. Sweeter Than The Flowers
  11. Paul & Silas
  12. Matthew: 24
  13. Life’s Railway To Heaven
  14. Home On High
  15. Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies
  16. Drifting Too Far From The Shore
  17. Prayer Bells Of Heaven
  18. Driftwood On The River
  19. Save Me As I Kneel And Pray
  20. I’m Gonna Make Heaven My Home
  21. I’m On My Way To Canaan Land
  22. Victory
  23. I Found The Way
  24. When Our Lord Shall Come Again
  25. Lamp Lighting Time In The Valley
Disc 3


  1. I’ll Be No Stranger There
  2. This Train
  3. You Go To Your Church
  4. Take Me In Your Lifeboat
  5. Farther On
  6. Whispering Hope
  7. Angel Band
  8. Crying Holy Unto The Lord
  9. Light At The River
  10. Wait For The Sun To Shine
  11. Thirty Pieces Of Silver
  12. I Saw The Light
  13. God Is Not Dead
  14. Oh, Lonely Tombs
  15. When The Call Reveille
  16. I Am A Pilgrim
  17. Something Got A Hold On Me
  18. I Live On
  19. Palms Of Victory
  20. Come And Dine
  21. Heavenly Cannonball
  22. Take My Hand Precious Lord
  23. His Light Is Shinning Down On Me
  24. Old Country Church
  25. Amazing Grace
  26. Amen
  27. Just Over In The Golry Land


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